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Re: Debian Developers Have Been Listening!


>A while ago, I initiated the "If Linux Is About Choice ..." thread
>about why there is no choice of inits during an initial install.
>Since that time, I've tested several systemd-less distros[1] as well as
>Stretch as replacements for my aging Wheezy system.  With Stretch my
>plan was to see if I could replace systemd as the init without removing
>it just leaving its components (some or all as necessary) to meet
>dependencies without it breaking the system  That way there would be no
>need for third party repos or jumping through hoops to keep a
>systemd-less working. I figured it would be a somewhat difficult, time
>consuming process. However, I made a discovery during these tests: The
>Debian developers had already done it for me.  They made switching from
>systemd as the init to sysvinit or runit easy just by issuing a couple

Thanks for sharing your experiences!

Don't get me wrong, but the interesting part is that this has already been the exact case long before your thread, and it is what you were told several times throughout the discussion ;).

Long story short, not so many reasons for all the excitement :).


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