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Re: Strange clicking noise from my laptop hard drive

Bob Weber <bobrweber@gmail.com> wrote:

> To attempt a repair I would boot the  SystemRescueCd and run the
> command 'badblocks  -svn /dev/sdx'.  That is a non destructive read
> then write test and would try to read the bad blocks and if successful
> then write them back giving the drive a chance to relocate the bad
> sector(s).  If this fails and you want to try to fix the drive then
> try spinrite (from grc.com).  It is a commercial program but it does a
> deep scrubbing on the disk and has been able to restore bad disks. 

Before doing _any_ of that, I'd suggest to first do a full backup
creating an image file of the HDD using "dd".

While 'badblocks -svn /dev/sdx' or spinrite may revive the disk, it can
also push the disk "over the edge", damaging it fatally.


Sigmentation fault. Core dumped.

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