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Re: Download Manager

Le 08/05/2017 à 11:55, Thomas Schmitt a écrit :

tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
"Merchant's MB". [...]
May I use that quote from time to time?

Sure. It's a translation from ancient german "Verkaeufermeg", an expression
from the time when the disks reached gigabyte sizes and the disk sellers
began to count in SI units, which gave them 7.4 percent larger numbers.

Disks capacity was labelled with SI prefixes (not units, byte|octet are not SI units) before it reached gigabyte sizes. The smaller hard disk drive I still have is labelled 270 MB, and its capacity is 270,054,400 bytes (CHS 959*11*50). My other under-GB hard disks are labelled similarly.

Up to then, only SI purists like physics teachers insisted that kilo is
1000 and not 1024.

Not only SI purists but also networking/telecom guys. 1 kbit/s has always been consistantly 1000 bits per second.

Blu-ray discs labels say "25 GB" but the media offer only 25025314816 bytes,
which shows that the thrifty merchants give us not more than 17 floppies
of programmer's rebate.

So you get what's advertised. What are you complaining about ?
Do you just miss the old time when 74' CD-Rs were labelled 650 MB but actually contained 650 MiB/680 MB ? I had some CD which were accurately labelled 680 MB.

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