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Re: Download Manager


Ashok Inder:
> Have a look at the attachments, Randomly downloaded a file, 87mb file
> turned out to be 91mb file.
> ... 1.png ... 2.png ...

That's simply the ambiguity between merchants' and physicists' MB and
programmers' MiB.
The image 2.png says "91.2 MB (9,11,79,280 bytes)". Ignoring the strange
commas in the byte number one can compute

  91179280 / 1024 / 1024 = 86.95533752441406

which matches the "87.0 MiB" shown in image 1.png.

So the only problem is in the commas.
The programmers of both tools were even so nice to properly mark their
numbers as "MB" and "MiB". One can still see lots of "MB" in other programs
which should actually be "MiB".

Have a nice day :)


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