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Re: testing, mhwaveedit, anyone else having problem saving files?

songbird wrote:
> Victor A. Stoichita wrote:
> ...
>> Hi songbird. Mhwaveedit works as usual here. I have 1.4.23 from testing
>> repo. Just tried it on a flac file. Open -> edit -> save -> reopen = no problem.
>> Mhwaveedit is very useful for me too as it is blazing fast for basic
>> audio file editing.
>> Did you try "save as…" and "save selection as…" as well ?
> Victor, 
>   yes, i did, thank you for the test!
>   that at least let's me know it is something on this end.  :)

  well as it goes.  i've tried some things which
make me wonder if it is the i386 version which
is not working.

  does anyone here run i386 and have mhwaveedit working?

  i've tried booting my USB stick version and installing
it there and it doesn't work.  that however ends up
using the same packages as i have installed on testing.

  i also tried putting a new user on my system and
running mhwaveedit under them to make sure it wasn't 
something i had done.

  in all cases i get the same error message, so i'm
no leaning towards there being an actual bug in the
program for i386 systems.

  ah, well, audacity does work.  still, it's a lot
slower and i am used to the other...


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