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Re: IDE to USB Converters

<tomas@tuxteam.de> writes:
> Does such an animal exist? I mean in the direction you are thinking
> of (I know the "other" direction exists).

That's what bothers me, too. I know that the picture I have in my
head is a board with an IDE connector on one side and a usb port
on the other where one installs the thumb drive. It looks like an
IDE drive to the mother board.

	The systems which will use the adaptors can't boot off of
their usb2.0 ports and even if they did, they would be so slow
that one wouldn't probably be too happy with the results. 

	When using the IDE-SATA adaptors, these systems actually
respond to shell commands and key presses much faster than they
did using an electro mechanical IDE drive because they are always
running at full speed so a seek to anywhere is governed by the
bus speed and not how fast the heads physically move.

	Anyway, the reason I didn't just order one is to make
sure that we aren't talking about the other direction. I have one
of those and it works fairly well when one wants to format a SATA
drive or work with an old IDE drive.

	Thank you .


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