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Re: Before I install Debian

Lisi Reisz:
>> I think the main point is being missed. 
> Yes, by you.  You asked whether Adobe Acrobat, which is a proprietary program 
> belonging to Adobe, would run on Debian.  Sven said no.
> Other people found that too short and are trying to find a way to help.  You 
> have your answer.  Modern Adobe Acrobat will not run on Debian.

if one was looking for salespeople in debian to satisfy their minimum
expectations in order to buy it, he/she would have missed the whole point.

1 A tax reviewer that would only "sell" service if the customer
satisfied their demands is one that would least likely have human input
in whether what is submitted or not is valid.  The machine will take as
valid an expense of 129,99 as 12999 if that is how it was entered, your
tax will be less and it will not be the adobe client's fault.  A real
auditor would inquire on the validity of a 13 thousand gas receipt.

2 The security of your private tax information will be transmitted
through win-dose pseudo-security by a pseudo software's internal
encoding to some insecure server (unless it is based on linux which can
handle security well from the doorstep and inwards).

3  I think the decision of the system should be based on a better and
wider overall look of the big picture.  These good people here are not
able to make tax-related decisions for anyone. I am among those who have
been helped and eager to know enough to help others.  The problem with
adobe is not one that could be addressed here, but I am trying to
establish that the problem is not with adobe's products but with those
who have taken the blackmail and internalized it.  Imagine being on
death row for all the wrong reasons, for not shooting the deputy only
the sheriff, and the only way to appeal is by submitting a form through
acrobat.  And there may come a day where running and distributing linux
may become illegal.  How many of us will still be here to help.

> You can either try out some of the suggestions or not try out some of the 
> suggestions.  But you have your answer.


> Lisi

Doesn't that android thing have acrobat in it, probably for a fee?  I
would just get a second hand generic tablet just for that purpose  and
leave it half charged and off the remaining time.  It would be more
secure than trying to keep your private information in the online pc you
use daily.  If you can't spare 50 bucks for a tablet chances are you
don't need an accounting service or filing taxes probably :)


PS  Have you watched Brazil?  Are you a Microsoft executive?

 "The most violent element in society is ignorance" rEG

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