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Re: Once again: alt as my meta key

Erwan David [2017-02-09 21:20:45+01] wrote:

> Le 02/09/2017 à 21:10, Teemu Likonen a écrit :
>> And I'd support that change. I have had metaSendsEscape in
>> .Xresources forever but for new users and for consistency with other
>> terminals and Linux console it would be good to make it default.

> Wouldn't that make it impossible to write languages with diacritics in
> it ? Would be pathetic.

Of course not.

  - Other terminal programs have metaSendsEscape-like default behavior
    and their users survive.

  - That option can be changed anytime in running xterm (Ctrl + left
    mouse button).

  - That option can be changed using ~/.Xresources file or -xrm option.

  - Languages that use diacritical marks have a keymap which contains
    often needed (composed) characters or "dead key".

  - There are different input methods and programs for entering

But the default doesn't bother me. I just have that
"XTerm*metaSendsEscape: true" line on ~/.Xresources and it's done. And I
can write áàȩęäâãāåăǎőơỏłạȧ from my keyboard (for example).

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