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Re: router solutions based on Debian?

> Can anybody share any comments or links about this topic?
> - quiet (fanless), low-power and low cost hardware suitable for Gigabit
> routing and maybe use as a NAS too.  It would also be useful to have
> fibre support in the router and avoid using a media convertor.

I don't know what you consider low-power, or low-cost, or suitable for
gigabit, but I use a BananaPi for this task.

If you need more network connections, there's the "BPI-R1", but the
switch part is only supported in the OpenWRT kernel (just like all other
home-router-style switches: doesn't prevent you from using Debian, but
makes it less convenient since you have to build your own kernel).

> - are there any live builds or other out-of-the-box solutions that
> address this use case particularly well?

I just setup dnsmasq, shorewall, and OpenVPN by hand.

I used an OpenWRT box before and actually liked the luci web-interface
(although usually "web-interface" and "like" are usually incompatible in
my world), but haven't found anything comparable for Debian.  But this
is compensated by the ease of installing and upgrading packages,
compared to what needs to be done with OpenWRT.


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