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Re: router solutions based on Debian?

check out pfsense.org


23.11.2016 4.54 ip. "Daniel Pocock" <daniel@pocock.pro> kirjoitti:

My ISP is upgrading my connection to gigabit on Friday and I suspect my
current router may struggle with it.

My existing router runs OpenWRT but I've found the firewall and IPsec
setup is a little bit constrained in that environment and it is tempting
to move to a router running a full OS.

I've seen a lot of discussions about making DIY routers running a free
OS like Debian, FreeBSD or OpenBSD and I was tempted to go with
something like that running Shorewall, strongSwan, DHCP and DNS.  Maybe
it will also do wifi or maybe the existing router will be a bridge to wifi.

Can anybody share any comments or links about this topic?

- quiet (fanless), low-power and low cost hardware suitable for Gigabit
routing and maybe use as a NAS too.  It would also be useful to have
fibre support in the router and avoid using a media convertor.

- are there any live builds or other out-of-the-box solutions that
address this use case particularly well?

- any blogs or other articles that provide a good example of how other
people already did this?

One particular concern for me is minimizing the number of components.
I've got a media convertor and fibre transceiver already, but that has
its own plug-pack PSU and those are all extra things that can fail at
some random moment in the future.  Having a self-contained solution
without a bunch of plug-pack PSUs would hopefully be easier to support
and make less clutter.



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