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Re: Sound with You Tube

On 2016-04-28, andrew <andrew@kapstok.org> wrote:
> Hi
> Ive read widely but cannot get a clear idea of how to get youtube to
> produce sound. Playing music or videos is fine.
> Please assist with references or instructions
> My version is debian 8.1 Jessica
> Andrew

Stabbing in the dark if you're referring to having no sound with HTML5
videos (a problem I encountered myself before upgrading to Wheezy) users
here have had success resolving various sound issues with 'pavucontrol'.

I personally have a little applet in Gnome3 that allowed me to fix the
problem easily and rapidly (directing the sound stream to the proper
output device as I have two--HDMI + sound card or analog sound chip or
whatever you call it).

Good luck with Jessica (that's rather nice; like her better than Jessie).

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