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Re: Who's playing with scaling_max_freq?

Stefan Monnier wrote:

>> You might need to relaunch :
>> invoke-rc.d cpufrequtils restart
>> or maybe :
>> /etc/init.d/cpufrequtils restart
> Thanks, but I don't have cpufrequtils installed.  Also, AFAIK
> cpufrequtils works by fiddling with those /sys nodes just like I do
> (once and for all), so it wouldn't cause such on-the-fly-resetting of
> scaling_max_freq.
>         Stefan

check for the right governor (ondemand) you shouldn't care. in some cases
though you must set yourself. this could be kernel or systemd related -
this changed recently to newer version together with udev.
I had a case that cpu was always at max freq - I had to edit the cpufreq in 
cat /etc/default/cpufrequtils

hope it helps

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