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Re: RECOMMEND: Wireless Home Router with VPN Built-In

On 04/25/2016 05:01 AM, Patrick Bartek wrote:
> Hi! all,
> Toying with the idea of setting up a personal, that is, non-business,
> VPN for a device or two for those rare times I use public wifi. For
> improved security, mind you.  Want to keep it simple, but it must
> work outside the U.S. (I foresee a change coming.)  So, figured a new
> home router with the server built-in would be better than a
> for-charge (or free) VPN service.  (After 8 years of continuous use,
> I'm getting nervous about my old router anyway, and want to replace
> it.)
> What routers would you all recommend?  And why?
> Thanks.
> B

I'd look at the list of routers that support OpenWRT or DD-WRT and
choose from that subset, if you want an off-the-shelf product.

However, you can build a router with more normal hardware with full
Debian (or Devuan) and add what you like.  I have an old Soekris myself,
though others might be more in fashion these days.

Keep in mind that SSH can do a SOCKS proxy itself and thus you might not
even want to go to the trouble of setting up OpenVPN on top of whatever
you have.


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