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Re: on-demand mounting of filesystems via Systemd (e.g. /backup)

Am 20.04.2016 um 23:19 schrieb Ansgar Burchardt:
> I'm not sure you can achieve this via systemd's .mount units, although
> systemd itself also makes use of mount namespaces.  For example, systemd
> uses them to provide a per-service /tmp, make /home unaccessible or only
> allowing read-only access to /usr or /etc for individual service.  See
> the PrivateTmp=, ProtectHome=, ProtectSystem=, PrivateDevices=,
> ReadOnlyDirectories=, InaccessibleDirectories= and ReadWriteDirectories=
> in man:systemd.exec(5).

If you run the backup via a .service file, you could use
MountFlags=private, see

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