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Re: cannot use debian because of too many problems...

The change from Windows to Debian is not always easy. You have to learn how to use it. When I have to explain what Debian is, I often compare it with LEGO. There are a lot of "bricks" which make your OS. And you can/ must decide which "bricks" (packages) you use. So in time you build an OS, your OS!

You mentioned a "cannot connect to..." error. This sounds like a issue with /etc/apt/sources.list. Now it is time to see a big difference between Windows and Debian. Debian shows you what is going wrong in clear text, instead of a weird error code. How to see the error? Before I can answer that question I need more information, because my Debian OS is not your Debian OS. I *think* you are running a Gnome Desktop, because that is the default choice of Debian. Try this: press ALT+F2 and type (without the quotes) "gnome-terminal" A new window pop-ups and type: cat /etc/apt/sources.list

Copy and paste the output in a mail to this mailing list

In the same window type
	sudo apt-get update
	sudo apt-get -f install

And copy and paste the output in a mail

I hope to see your mail soon,


PS. Aan je naam te zien kom je uit Nederland, je mag me ook persoonlijk mailen in het nederlands.

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