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Re: Unable to install Debian 8

On 04/10/2016 10:51 PM, Song Jin wrote:
I can't install Debian 8.
Resource used: USB stick with DVD1 part of iso image of Debian 8.4 downloaded today.Problem:     no matter which combination I tried, the Debian always hangs at boot-up stage. The only message on screen was: "Loading, please wait"
grub.cfg file does contain correct root=UUID, not simple root=/dev/sda/ 		 	   		

I tried installing/ running Debian Jessie amd64 with the Xfce graphical desktop on a few Sandy Bridge and older computers, but found it wasn't as stable as I desired. Therefore, I am still installing and running Debian Wheezy (now at version 7.10):







This works well on almost all of my machines (my laptop with 945GM chipset has issues with EDID and external monitors). I would expect Wheezy also works well on Ivy Bridge. I am unsure about Haswell. I would not expect everything (notably X Windows) to work on Skylake. If after installation you find that you have hardware that is newer than what is supported, you can look for updated drivers on Debian Backports:



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