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Re: [ A little off topic] Best e-mail client for Android

On 11/04/2016 10:02 PM, German wrote:
> I wonder what Debian users use on their phone/tablet.

I like K9, just wish it has one more feature.... when I delete messages,
I would prefer them to be shown with a strike through and then I could
either /really/ delete them or I could simply undelete them.  As it is
now, if I delete a message, it is marked for deletion, but K9 won't ever
see it again -- I have to use Thunderbird on the desktop to undelete any

KaiMail -- I couldn't stand the idea of their free version adding bad
tags and the pay for version is too expensive.  K9 for me, probably
forever, even if I can't have delete/undelete function as I would like.


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