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Re: How do I set different JAVA_HOME for different users?

From: Thomas Schmitt <scdbackup@gmx.net>
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
Sent: Wednesday, 6 April 2016, 16:50
Subject: Re: How do I set different JAVA_HOME for different users?


Jaimz Fairfax wrote:
> The internet seemed to be convinced that it had to be done via systemd
> user.conf.

That opinion does not have to be wrong.
It depends on the level of software which you want to influence.
Environment variables are a very fundamental feature. Programs can
see them even if they have not been started by a shell. But of course,
the settings in the shell cannot influence what those programs see.
So it is sometimes necessary to use the init software or the desktop
to define the variable names and values for programs.

On the other side ot the spectrum, you may write wrapper programs
around the programs which you want to influence. Those wrappers
would set up the desired environment variables before starting the
desired program.
In the most simple case this would be a shell script like


  export JAVA_HOME="/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64"

  android-emulator ...options...

So you can set up different environments per program rather than per


Have a nice day :)


A shell script exactly like that was what what I started out with!
It worked ONLY for that terminal.
I have seen a lot references to wrapper scripts but no examples for me to follow.
I never thought to try 'man bash'.
I did 'man environment' which returned nothing...
The trouble is, often you need to know where to look, and if you know where to look you probably know the answer anyway.


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