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Re: Grossly OT - WW2 start

On Mon, 28 Mar 2016 16:06:15 +0100
Terence <terence.john@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Again, I am not sure where you get your facts- what has the 6th June 1944
> as a date have to do with it? And why not earlier?
> If you are talking about the war reparations demanded by the victorious
> allies in WW1 (by any account largely caused by Wilhelm) they were never
> paid, and the engineered inflation in Germany in the 'twenties destroyed
> any value they may have had. (BTW that criminals should not benefit from
> their crimes, even if convicted and serving a gaol sentence in enshrined in
> UK law- their ill-gotten gains can be seized)
> The US support for rebuilding Germany after both World Wars is often
> ignored- especially the financial support.
> I think you might check how much of Russia's success in the war was down to
> the selfless support of the UK and the USA- from boots, rations,
> rolling-stock and locomotives, aircraft, vehicles,- the list goes on and
> on. The deaths of British sailors and airmen carrying supplies to Murmansk
> underscore our commitment to the USSR during this war.
> Even in May 1945 Stalin was aware on the UK/US Manhatten project, and also
> that the Western Allies were ready should he decide to advance further than
> the agreements (Casablanca, Tehran and Yalta). The war in the East was not
> over, and Russia had gained several advantages in agreeing to join the war
> against Japan. He knew he could not compete with the Western Allies
> militarily until his spies and our traitors gave him what he wanted- and
> then it was too late.
> As for "Germany is still officially occupied by the USA" I rather think
> that they would disagree! The military occupation of Germany ended in
> 1945...

If there are still US military bases in Germany, then one could call it an unofficial occupation of the same sort that occupies much of the world, and once encircled the USSR.

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