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xscreensaver (5.30-1+deb8u1)


I am running Debian »Jessie« and as part of it
»xscreensaver (5.30-1+deb8u1)«.  Since April, 1st, 2016, after starting
xscreensaver  I get the following warning message

      This version of xscreensaver is VERY OLD!
      Please upgrade!

So I have checked the source code of xscreensaver and I found out that
there is a check if the current installed version is older than 18
month then the above mentioned warning is printed.

The installed version is "xscreensaver 5.30 (11-Sep-2014)".

Is there a chance that there will be a "newer" version for Debian
Jessie available?


Ceterum censeo
Redmond esse delendam.

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