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Re: Do not know which package bug is in

hi Robin,

> Everything except the mouse just freezes, and no keyboard combination I
> can think of helps. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+Q, Ctrl+Esc, Super+Esc, Ctrl
> +Alt+Del... There is only one way out, and that's to hard-reboot
> everything (which my harddrive doesn't seem to enjoy).

try magic sysrequests:
alt-print-k to kill everything on the current terminal (you should get a new login screen)
alt-print-r to reset the keyboard configuration, followed by switching to another terminal (ctrl-alt-[f1,f2,...] - you should get a text login screen. Maybe there are kernel messages of the form:
[ uptime ] message. If there are, you could post a screenshot (you know, one with a camera) of them.

regards, Arian

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