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Setting up Fakeraid with mdadm


I am trying to use an "LSI Megaraid Software RAID" with mdadm, but I have
not been successful so far. When I configure a RAID 1 in the BIOS
Setup-Utility and boot from network with an NFSROOT, a ddf container
device is detected as /dev/md127 and a raid device as /dev/md126, but when
I reboot, the previously created RAID configuration has been destroyed,
that is, when I start the BIOS-RAID-Utility again, it does not 'remember'
the configuration it created earlier.

As a solution of the above problem, I already tried to create an mdadm
RAID 1 without BIOS support, that is, I deactivated the RAID feature in
BIOS-Setup and after booting with NFSROOT, used 'mdadm --create ...', but
I did not manage to make that RAID bootable.

So, how can I setup a RAID 1 over two whole disks with mdadm?


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