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Re: wordpress from packages - wp-content location not applied?

Le 19/03/2016 14:31, Jiri 'Ghormoon' Novak a écrit :

> what may I be missing, if the configuration that came with wordpress
> package doesn't apply correctly?

> there is: /usr/share/wordpress/wp-config.php:   
> define('WP_CONTENT_DIR', '/var/lib/wordpress/wp-content');
> but that doesn't have any effect unless I define it in
> /etc/wordpress/config-www.domain.tld.conf too.
> am I missing something essential or may it be a bug?

When using Wordpress package from repos in Debian (and Centos also), you
never edit /usr/share/wordpress/wp-config.php

 * WordPress's Debianised default master config file
 * Please do NOT edit and learn how the configuration works in
 * /usr/share/doc/wordpress/README.Debian

That's the way linux packaging do. Configs files are in /etc, logs in
/var/log and so on. So it's perfectly normal

You should instead edit /etc/wordpress/config-www.domain.tld.conf

/etc/wordpress/config-www.domain.tld.conf is the same as the usual

If you have multiples Wordpress virtualhosts on your server, you can use
different Wordpress config files


Jean Louis Mas

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