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Re: Further to my installation error

On Sunday 20 March 2016 19:15:51 Brian wrote:
> Being under pressure to complete the task set doesn't lend itself to
> considered action and burning a CD can be fraught.


> The quality of the 
> disk, the burning and the accuracy of reading the burnt disk are things
> to take into account. I'd have booted the installer from something
> completely different (such as a USB stick) to get a better picture of
> the situation. A repeat performance would have justified alarm bells
> ringing.
> Success eventually came; probably because the writing and reading
> processes of the CD-ROM acted correctly. Coming after using GParted was
> likely a coincidence; other changes might have been factors. 

Again, Granted.

> There is 
> nothing to underpin the advice not to use d-i's partitioning methods.
> (As an aside, d-i has fdisk; there was no need to use GParted).

I have always so far used d-i's partitioner.  I wasn't really meaning that as 
permanent standing advice.  But there may have been an odd bug in that 
version of the Jessie d-i.

If you diagnose PEBKAC I shall not disagree.  I shall probably use the d-i 
partitioner next time myself!


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