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Re: Sudo

On 03/19/2016 01:01 PM, Andrew McGlashan wrote:

On 20/03/2016 3:15 AM, Frank Jones wrote:
I have only been using Linux for a short time why cant I use SUDO on the
terminal with Debian I use it with Linu Mint.
There is, or was at the very least, an installation choice of whether or
not to setup sudo.

It is not foreign to /normal/ Debian.


I usually use PCLinuxOS, a distro which has a great distaste for sudo. As the debian people note, su allows someone with a root password (and nobody else) to make system modifications, etc., which might harm the operation of the system. Sudo basically allows anyone with a user password to do the same thing, and that's dangerous. The proper use of sudo (there IS a proper use) is to assign _specific_ tasks to some specific user, so that such user can do _only_ certain tasks, like downloading programs from the repos, but not other tasks, which are assigned only to those
who have root password permissions, and presumably know what they're doing.


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