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Re: blu ray burning with samsung se506cb in debian jessie


Dominique Dumont wrote:
> # problem with plextor writer: io error on last files on DL DVD

To my own experience, DVD+R DL are the first media to fail when the
DVD laser begins to go blind. Unformatted DVD-RW are next.

> # note: plextor's slowest speed on Prodye ix 4x, which is too fast
> #       only pionneer and LG report a 2.5 writing speed

  xorriso -outdev /dev/srX -list_speeds

shows what the drive is offering for the loaded medium.
The results differ from drive to drive.

> I had similiar issue on BR, but I don't remember the error message.
> I'll have to sacrifice a disk if you need more details.

It would be for the sake of science. :))

For example make a backup of your most prescious data:

  xorriso -abort_on FATAL \
          -for_backup -disk_dev_ino on \
          -assert_volid 'BACKUP_*' \
          -dev /dev/sr0 \
          -volid BACKUP_"$(date '+%Y_%m_%d_%H%M%S')" \
          -not_leaf '*.o' -not_leaf '*.swp' \
          -update_r /directory/on/hard/disk /path/in/ISO \
          ... \
          ... more -update_r commands for more directory trees ... \
          ... \
          -stream_recording on \
          -commit -toc -check_md5 FAILURE -- -eject all

This run will write the backup at high speed and checkread the
data when everything is written. So failure should become obvious.
(Note: The sequence of arguments matters much here.)

If you put this xorriso run into a script and if the BD-R has space left
after a successful first burn run, then you may repeat the script run
some time later to update the BD-R by the changed file content and a
new directory tree.
So hopefully the medium is not totally wasted.

Have a nice day :)


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