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Re: Problem with a Debian dual boot installation

Well, AFAIK things are set, and you can't do much. You must have GRUB when you start Debian, which doesn't displays Windows but makes you feel like Windows is not there

If you don't mind reinstalling, boot the installer to UEFI mode. Yeah, your BIOS would display the same installation image as both UEFI and Legacy installers.

Yeah, HP's BIOS is disgusting. You need to disable secure boot and enter some passcode that appears next. (Don't press ESC). I installed Kali (based on Debian) on an HP laptop of one of my friend's a few days back, and had simiar issues.

On Mar 14, 2016 8:30 PM, "Ramiro Checa-Garcia" <r.checagarcia@gmail.com> wrote:

I have tried to install a dual boot: Windows and Debian. However apparently I did something wrong and the installation was not smooth. Probably because Debian was installed in Legacy mode (changing MBR maybe?)

Changing parameters for the UEFI Bios I am able to run windows or linux but not from Grub directly. Also I was not able to boot from DVD or USB after the Debian installation (I installed Debian from a USB without problems to boot from the USB).

All the information is included on:

Just note that:
- I don't mind to perform a full reinstallation of Linux (I mean delete all the partitions etc...) but simply I can't
- In windows I do not have admin rights.

I will appreciate any help!!!


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