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Re: events for power plug


On 12 March 2016 21:35:17 CET, Bruno Schneider <boschneider@gmail.com> wrote:
>I have a notebook with Debian testing (Stretch) that gets slow
>whenever the power cord is plugged in. I can't figure out the exact
>reason for that, but it seems that setting the CPU governor to
>performance helps a lot.
>But calling cpufreq-selector is hard for regular users. I wish to make
>a script that is called upon power plug events, with root privileges.
>I read documentation from acpi and pm-powersave, and from my
>understanding, scripts in /etc/pm/power.d/ should be called every time
>the power plug status changes with parameters "true" or "false". So I
>created a script there, but it seems to be called only at boot time,
>and not every time the power plug status changes.
>Can anybody help?

Install laptop-mode-tools and read its docs. This will probably help solving your problem.

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