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How to install Perl with readline support?

Hi everyone,

I have been searching for the answer to the subject line's question
for the last two hours.

None of the answers I've found work.  (I.e. the `perl -de 1` REPL
remains without readline support.)

I have already `apt-get install`-ed


(...along with their dependencies, of course).  I also ran `apt-get
install --reinstall perl`, and `dpkg-reconfigure`'d everything in
sight.  All of this got me nothing.

I'm puzzled by how difficult this problem has turned out to be.
Usually, `apt-cache search ...` followed by `apt-get install` takes
care of stuff like this.  In the harder cases, the first hit from a
Google search has the answer.  What makes this one so difficult?  Am I
missing something?



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