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Installing topmenu in stable

In short, I want to install the MATE topmenu applet in Debian stable
(Jessie). However, the packages required are not in the stable
distribution, only in stretch and sid. What is the best way to go about
getting the packages installed?

Should I compile them from the sources available at git.javispedro.com?
Should I just grab the packages from the stretch distribution without
updating the rest? (This would result in a FrankenDebian though- so many
dependencies would have to be updated to get these things installed I
might just upgrade to stretch anyway) Should I upgrade my entire system
to Stretch? (I don't really want to do this- I like my stability,
generally) Should I grab the packages from the Ubuntu PPA, and update
as necessary? Will this cause problems?

I'm thinking the most Debian-friendly options are either to compile
them myself from git, or to upgrade to stretch, which I don't really
want to do.


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