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Re: Avoiding to mount /run/lock

Marlen Caemmerer <nosy@c-base.org> wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Mar 2016, Sven Hartge wrote:

>> Why do you want to disable /run/lock? What do you want to accomplish by
>> doing so? It is a 5MB tmpfs, what could be wrong with it?

> I run a samba server that is heavily used. It currently uses 46MB in
> /run/lock. When the partition is full all samba service dies.

Aha. That is a valid reason. But I'd rather increase the size instead of
just eliminating it.

But this could also be a bug with Samba, for example not deleting old
lock files. Have you checked what causes this?


Sigmentation fault. Core dumped.

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