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Re: POP3 was: Re: command not found [SOLVED]

On Friday 18 December 2015 05:32:01 Lisi Reisz wrote:

> On Friday 18 December 2015 09:49:59 Brian wrote:

> > > > > > > Also, run 'fetchmail --version' for debugging info.

> >

> > The guts of my ~/.fetchmailrc are

> >

> > poll <POP3 server>

> > proto pop3

> > user <Could be bob or bob@example.com>

> > password <secret>

> > ssl <May or may not be needed. Depends on the server>

> >

> > 'fetchmail -c -v' for testing.


> Having just by implication been told by someone that only muggles,

> lusers and/or dinosaurs use POP3, how many others of us will admit to

> it? (For the avoidance of doubt, I use POP3.)


> I won't admit to being a muggle or a luser (who, me?), but I am often

> prepared to admit to being a dinosaur. However, in this case I

> actually don't agree with the premise. Feel free to tell me that I am

> deluding myself and that I am indeed a dinosaur in this as well.


> I just don't, for my use, like a lot of what IMAP does.


> Lisi

You have company Lisi, OTOH I am pretty (81 now) ancient, but I hit two servers with fetchmail, using pop3 to fetch. I in fact like the idea/premise of IMAP, but have been repeatedly told that setting up the server so I can do email from any of my 5 machines, using this one as the server and one of the clients, is impossible. The all maildir email corpus I have here apparently must be converted back to something resembling a mailfile, and some directories would exceed the reach of a 32 bit filesystem in size as they go back 13 years.

Having experienced first hand the speed of a mailfile based system, which I wrote a script to convert to maildir many years ago now, I would never consider going back, but it appears icedove is locked to something like a mailfile, which in my past experience is a broken concept, one wrong bit anyplace in an index file or in the mailfile and that whole "folder" was gone. I lost over a decades worth of one folder while running on an amiga before I went linux on intel/amd hardware in early '98, and it was the mailing list for the TRS80 Color Computer's. That machines aftermarket operating system, os9, is so much like unix that I still use it from time to time, but we've re-written it, fixing bugs & finding speed, so we call it Nitros9 now.

If icedove could handle maildir files thrown at it to build its database, AND used maildir files itself, then I could write a script that could to icedove, look like fetchmail/procmail delivering the mail, at 1 every 5 seconds or so, and let it run till whenever it was done.

During that time frame, change kmail to access via imap, so I can watch progress. And after 15 minutes to prove its working, change procmail to deliver to icedove, or if not that, just let icedove file whats incoming, which would be the main reason for a pause in the script after each message has been moved into icedove's input queue. Less lock contention that way.

I was hoping that I could setup icedove to serve the kmail database to other machines, but have been told thats impossible. I might also point out that the docs on icedove/imap are worefully inadequate for a user who has never dealt with it. I'd still try it, if I could find a tutorial that started out with "install this list of stuff" then configure this "stuff" so, and that "stuff" so, giving an educational background reason for each.

I've not found such a tome. And folks seem to think I'm out of my mind to even try. That attitude on the part of what is supposed to be a helpful mailing list, is discouraging, for obvious reasons.

Thanks for reading.

Cheers, Gene Heskett


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