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Re: command not found

On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 04:53:09PM -0700, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> Bob Holtzman <holtzm@cox.net> writes:
> > Running Wheezy (7.9) on a reinstall after launching Jessie thru a wall.
> > Reinstalled all my s/w including msmtp and fetchmail. I brought
> > .fetchmailrc over from my backup as well as .msmtprc. Both had been
> > working flawlessly on the previous install. Now when I run "fetchmail" I
> > get "command not found". Perms on .fetchmailrc are 700. A search on
> > various variations of Wheezy fetchmail "command not found" came up with 
> > nothing.
> >
> > Any ideas, pointers or flames appreciated.
> I assume when you say you get "command not found" you mean you get
> "fetchmail: command not found".  If you mean you get anything else you
> can stop reading right now, because everything else in what I'm writing
> is assuming that.
> Are you *sure* you installed fetchmail on the new system?  I know you
> said you did, but that would be the most obvious problem.  You can run
> dpkg -l fetchmail
> and if it's there, you should get a line like
> ii  fetchmail                  6.3.26-2           amd64              SSL enabled POP3, APOP, IMAP mail gatherer/forwarder
> in your output.  Assuming it's there, run
> dpkg -L fetchmail | less
> and see where the fetchmail program itself is installed.  On my system, I get
> /usr/bin/fetchmail
> Now, try
> echo $PATH
> to see if /usr/bin is in your path.  It sort of has to be; I can't
> imagine how a system could be useable without it.
> Anyway, those are some thoughts...

Aww give me a break. I've been screwing around w/ linux for 10-12 yrs
and yes, fetchmail is installed. Otherwise how could my .fetchmail file
exist with perms of 700 as I stated in my original post?

dpkg -L fetchmail

        ..........huuuge snip.........


Yup, there it is.

Thanks for the effort.


Bob Holtzman
A fair fight is the result of poor planning.

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