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Re: Jessie CUPS print class problem [RESOLVED]

On 10/12/15 06:22 AM, Brian wrote:
On Wed 09 Dec 2015 at 18:25:35 -0500, Gary Dale wrote:

I'm running Jessie/64 on a laptop and wanted to route print to one of 3
printers, so I created a print class called "photo" to handle the job
management. I use lpr to actually start the printing using the command:

    lpr -P photo $1    (where $1 is the name of the file to be printed - in
this case a jpeg.)

The jobs show up in the print queue for photo but never print. However if I
move them to a specific printer they do print properly.

Am I missing something here?
The class is enabled? 'lpstat -t'.

The class was enabled. The problem seems to have been that the first printer I added to create the class somehow didn't end up in the class. The second printer I added did make it into the class while the third (a Canon) didn't have open source drivers and the Canon installer didn't actually create a working printer.

Once I re-added the first printer, deleted the Canon printer and reinstalled it using the CUPS interface, I had a working printer class.

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