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Changing default XDB browser w/o GNOME etc.

Hello, dear lazynet,

I have a problem and I am not sure which is the best approach to tackle

Observation: various programs use the XDG mechanism (freedesktop
configuration method) to start a specific browser to visit a hyperlink.
Easy to verify with the xdg-open tool.

But how can I change this setting in a persistent way especially when I
don't use Gnome or Kde or Xfce? I tried LxQt once and apparently the
stupid thing has reset some configuration and now xdg-open starts
Qupzilla which I don't like. Before, some other stupid program has reset
it to Chromium which I don't like either.

How can I configure this, and do that in a way that is set persisently?
i.e. no program or package changes the setting to its own yard.

NOTE: I will not install the monster just to change this simple setting.

Feels like things that have been established in a sane way (alternatives
system and sensible-browser) are now reverted to the chaos we used to
manage in the nineties :-(


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