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On Fri, Dec 11, 2015 at 11:58:50AM +0100, SERGIO TAFUR PINA wrote:

Hello, I wear contact you to tell me how I can install Debian in my Smartphone
Touch and use it as a phone to make and receive calls, couriers also, sms etc.
If this is possible, tell me how it is carried out.
I am passionate about Linux and I have already proved I had desktop pc and the
truth that I really like.
I want to try it on my Smartphone Sony Xperia E3.
Thank you and hope your reply.

Generally speaking, no Debian doesn't support smartphones, but if you're foolhardy enough to give it a try, read on.

First of all, check if Debian is compatible with your phone. By and large, hardware compatibility is determined by the Kernel; if the vanilla linux kernel supports your hardware, then you're in luck. If you need a custom kernel, then that may be possible. There are plenty of howtos for how to recompile a kernel for debian.

Next up, you probably want a graphical interface. Check that X supports your display. Note that, while both Android and Debian use the Linux kernel, almost everything else above that is different. Android uses SurfaceFlinger (I believe) while Debian uses Xorg. While these are incompatible, it's possible that someone has written a driver for both.

So, let's imagine that you're fortunate enough to have hardware that's supported. How do you get Debian on there? Typically, Android devices have their own bootloader which will load the kernel and the inird before starting the system. Again, there are documents on the web that detail the Android boot sequence; expect to get familiar with them.

But how to create the operating system on the phone? Clearly you can't put a CD into a smartphone and run Debian-Installer (Well, you might be able to plug a USB-OTG cable, but the phone certainly won't boot from CD). Probably the easiest method is to follow the lead of other "ROM" developers: Create the operating system using debootstrap (or similar), then create a flashable zip from that and install using a recovery partition (TWRP, ClockworkMod or similar).

Finally, If you do get things up and running, expect things to look really weird. As far as I know, there aren't many touch-optimized applications in Debian. You might, for example, find that X takes your high-resolution screen literally, and presents you with TEENY TINY controls. Or maybe it manages to get the DPI correctly, but then you find that with all the chrome of a normal desktop (panels, window borders etc), you can't actually display anything useful.

But don't let any of that discourage you! If you fancy getting Debian working on your phone, then I'm sure Debian would love to accept any packages, patches etc that you develop in the course of your work! :D

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