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What package this bug belongs to?

Hi. Sorry for my English.

I'm going to describe my bug, as a response I need to know to which package should I report it using the "reportbug" command / application ("reportbug" in fact told me to ask this to this email address).

I'm using Debian 8.2 Jessie, Gnome 3.14.1

From here on, Drop down list = Combo box

Drop down lists, aka "Combo boxes" don't work anywhere.

Bug Details :
When clicking a drop down list on various different applications wich I would describe soon, the list opens and I can see the options. But if I release the mouse button, the list closes immediately. I can't select the desired option by navigating with the mouse while holding the click button pressed, that doesn't select or "shadow" the options. So I can't select any option, and thus I can't change many configurations everywhere in my system.
It should normally open and remain open until you choose a option or until for example, the user clicks outside the options space.

My bug is very similar to this one, except that I have it everywhere, not in Moneydance, I have it in the default Gnome applications.

Places where there are drop down list that don't work:
1) The drop down menu in Rythmbox for choosing from where to import songs.
2) All the drop downs menu found in Settings. Such as Settings > Details > Default applications (here there are around 6 drop down list, all with the same bug) or Settings > Details > Removable media has also many drop down lists and none work like they are supposed to.


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