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Re: own dns server resolv.conf with tinydns setup

BAGI Ákos a écrit :
> Should it be the first or the only entry?

The only one. So it must be recursive if you need to resolve external
domains too. If it is not recursive and you need to resolve external
domains, then you should not list it in resolv.conf. Instead you should
set up and list a recursive nameserver configured to forward queries for
 domains in your zones to this server.

If there are multiple nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf, they should be
equivalent. You cannot list an authoritative server for your zones and a
recursive server for the rest. It won't work the way you expect. The
only purpose of multiple entries is redundancy or load balancing, not
resolution of different domains.

> 2015.12.09. 10:19 keltezéssel, basti írta:
>> in /etc/network interfaces you can set dns-nameservers and in
>> resolv.conf nameserver

OR, not AND.
In order to use dns-nameservers, the package resolvconf must be installed.

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