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Re: [OT] Soliciting Advice on e-mail and web-hosting providers

On Saturday 05 December 2015 23:24:22 Stephen Powell wrote:
> On Sat, 28 Nov 2015 10:15:08 -0500 (EST), mister s jones wrote:
> > On Saturday, November 28, 2015 09:49:47 Stephen Powell wrote:
> >> So, does anyone wish to share their experiences, good or bad?  Is there
> >> anyone you wish to recommend?  Is there anyone you want to warn me to
> >> stay away from? All opinions are welcome.
> >
> > I personally have been here for years and I like them
> >
> > 	http://debian-hosting.info/
> >
> >  Prices are reasonable and service has been great.
> I checked out their web site, and they seem like a good outfit.  But I must
> admit, I'm totally lost.  Allow me to explain.
> My old web site was pure HTML.  No ASP, no PHP, no SQL.  It's just pure
> information, with some links for downloading files.  I'm not a business
> trying to set up a web site so that customers can order stuff from me.
> I just want to publish free information for the public.  It's mostly tech
> stuff about Debian.
> When I created my old web site, All I did to manage it was use FTP to
> upload and download files.  By convention, the home page was "index.htm". 
> Any other pages could be linked to from that page.  The only thing that I
> would like to change is to use SSL-encrypted FTP, so that my password won't
> be sent over the network in clear text.  I must admit that I don't
> understand this brave new world of web hosting.  Looking at
> debian-hosting's web site, I'm totally lost as to how I would mangage my
> account.  What I'm looking for is something similar to what I had before. 
> Is there anything like that out there?  Or can I manage a debian-hosting
> account that way?

I ma assuming (or subconsciously remembering) that you are in the USA.  Is 
that correct?  


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