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Re: Cannot Setup DNS on Jessie

Thanks Brian--thats a big help---I will look over the doc and proceed from there

On 12/3/2015 6:09 AM, Brian wrote:
On Wed 02 Dec 2015 at 18:07:51 -0500, fritz wrote:

I have set up Jessie some time ago and have recently connected it to my home
network however it is not resolving names via DNS. To get started I realize
there are a few ways to set this up but I am assuming the Jessie install
used NetworkManager. if I look in my running processes list I see:
   /usr/sbin/NetworkManager --no-daemon
Does this mean that it is presently running and subsuming the network
management tasks?
The Jessie install uses netcfg to configure networking, You only have NM
because of something you did later; for example, installing a desktop
task. Please see




You could also try

   dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf

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