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Re: OT: reply styles, family matters

Bob Bernstein <poobah@ruptured-duck.com> writes:

> "Please don't respond line by line. It is patronizing and
> annoying."
> I have acquired over the years a habit of carefully quoting and
> replying to those quoted snippets. But it rubs some in my family the
> wrong way. They don't see it as part and parcel of effective
> communication, or as, at bottom, simply good netiquette. They feel
> talked down to. My nephew's father had the same problem with me years
> ago but I think I have brought him around over time so that he no
> longer "takes it personal."
> With that as background, here is my question/request: is anyone aware
> of a spirited defence of our ideal method of "selective quoting," (for
> lack of a better label) one, say, that perhaps has achieved the status
> of a "net classic?" Surely some 'net genius has dealt these
> nay-sayers, who seem to LIKE top-posting, a solid uppercut?
Why not do your correspondents the courtesy of replying in the style
*they* want?


"We will need a longer wall when the revolution comes."
    --- AJS, quoting an uncertain source.

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