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Re: An UML editor for Linux

On 09.11.2015 02:06, David Christensen wrote:
On 11/08/2015 12:23 PM, Piyavkin wrote:
— could you please recommend me some decent UML editor for Linux?

Umbrello is an impressive product that reminded me of Rational Rose. The last time I tried it for a Perl project, I was able to make some useful diagrams. But, there were some Java-isms that I couldn't completely work around. If you're into Java, please tell us what you think:


Now I typically use LibreOffice Draw for diagrams and QCAD for vector/ CAD drawings.



Thanks for the hint. I'll try it to see better.
The problem is that it is from the KDE SDK. I'm on the Gnome. Though KDE tools are good looking, I'm trying to use Gnome or independent equivalents first.
Now the Umbrello seems very similar to gaphor, by the way.


Has it some UML primitives packs or something?


Thanks for the hint. May be useful for me (aside from UML). It seems that there is LibreCAD instead in Debian repositories.
Can you recommend any proper manual for it?


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