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Re: An UML editor for Linux

Sorry to all those i hurt the heart recommending a short term solution for the original poster.

I think the pragmatism is very good but for some situations is enemy of practicality (or how to hell *practicidad* be in english).

Yes, I've tested (because I've worked in software architecture last ~10 years and it's my core knowledge and the works I do every day): I started with Umbrello and Dia years, then I've tested online and new resourses like, and during there years I discovered that EA,  FOR ME, (***FOR ME, like all people that writes an email writes in their opinion not as the supreme true in the universe***) is the soft that acomplished my needs, but it does not mean I not support free tools, reporting bugs, collaborate and spread in college classes. And not mean that I integrate the the other free apps.

I did not know you could get to be a reactive, sarcastic, and tasteless response. For it was with good intentions, but it seems slow prefer collaboration instead of a rich debate on what can be better. The best is relative to each person, and although we are in the context of this list, I think you as an advocate of the open, you should be more open.

In any case if the response is not helpful to the person who posted, he will tell.

Maybe he tell us the first response helps him and ignore others responses, and problem resolved or maybe he try EA and resolve his problem and then look for similar soft.

I understand what you say, as you should also try to understand what I said.

Thank you and I hope you understand the intent of the message.

On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 8:56 AM, <tomas@tuxteam.de> wrote:
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On Mon, Nov 09, 2015 at 09:13:08AM -0300, Maximiliano Sebastián Castro wrote:
> >> — could you please recommend me some decent UML editor for Linux?
> If you don't care about freedom [...]

Who cares, anyway? Freedom, schmeedom.

> Yes, I know it's closed. But the best option for a complete software
How would you know that? Have you tested the alternatives?

Sorry, Maximiliano, for my sarcastic tone. Look -- I'm somewhat pragmatic,
and don't mind someone recommending a non-free alternative *with a good
reason* [1] (why is MyFafouriteNonFreeThingie better than YourNiceFree?).

We could then all learn from it and perhaps help make a free alternative

And here, *we all care* about freedom: perhaps our approaches and degrees
of commitment are diverse.

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[1] It's with good intentions, anyway: helping the original poster.

- -- tomás
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