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Install fail on a Macbook

Tried - and failed - to install Wheezy on an old - late 2008 - 
Macbook.  It's an Intel  machine running Mavericks.  First, I used 
OSX's diskutil to create a 120 GB partition formatted fat32.  Ran the 
netinst installer.  created 3 partitions, root, home and swap.  So the 
disk had 6 partitions - for OSX - EFI, OSX and Recovery. And for 
Debian -  root, home and swap.  First try, after formatting  root and 
home with ext4 and marking root bootable,  I installed grub in 
/dev/sda5 - the root partition.  But nogo - on boot, after choosing 
Linux in ReFit, ”No bootable disk found.”    Ran netinst again and put 
grub in /dev/sda.  Same result.  I’ve searched, but could not find a 
solution.  Any pointers, hints, solutions, etc. appreciated.    

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