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Re: Kali, Redux

On Wed 04 Nov 2015 at 22:56:42 (+0200), David Baron wrote:
> So, I easily edited the text in /etc/issue to something more to my liking. 
> This is just text, no meaning.
> Watching a cmake session, I noticed the distribution being called, you guessed 
> it: Kali ...
> Found another file: ~$ cat /etc/os-release 
> PRETTY_NAME="Kali GNU/Linux 2.0 (sana)"
> NAME="Kali GNU/Linux"
> ID=kali
> VERSION="2.0 (sana)"
> VERSION_ID="2.0"
> ID_LIKE=debian
> ANSI_COLOR="1;31"
> HOME_URL="http://www.kali.org/";
> SUPPORT_URL="http://forums.kali.org/";
> BUG_REPORT_URL="http://bugs.kali.org/";
> Actually a symlink to /usr/lib/os-release
> So where did I get this?

dpkg -S <filename>   shows that they both belong to the "base-files" package.

> Do I need it?

That depends on the applications you run which might read it.

> If  I do, what should it be for Debian Sid?

Take a look at its "base-files". Whether installing it is useful depends,
I guess, on how much your installation actually looks like sid, and
how much any differences matter.

> I had Kali's repos but installed none of their packages.
> I recall some script with a text-mode menu for treating some of their security 
> packages but I never installed any of them. Script might have touched to two 
> files (be there any others??)


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