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Re: Installing mSATA Solid State Drive in Dell Precision M3800

On 11/03/2015 04:19 AM, ken wrote:
Thanks for replying.  Yes, I had a look at that Dell Service Manual
before posting.  Judging from that manual, it looks simple enough.
But then my experience with service manuals of all kinds has shown
me that they often leave out or gloss over steps, which is why I was
hoping to get a response from someone who's actually done this.

I recently removed/ imaged/ reinstalled the HDD in a Dell Precision
M4600 per the service manual. This model requires removing the bottom cover, etc.. The instructions were good, the product was well designed, and I had no trouble.

The other issue regards the warranty: That service manual says only
that replacing or installing some parts may void the warranty; it
doesn't get any more specific than that.  So that was the other
thing I was hoping to hear first-hand experience about.  And too,
sometimes screws are painted with some kind of colored faux-glue, not
locktite, to tell any authorized service person that that screw has
been tampered with, voiding the warranty.  Again, not something a
service manual would warn about.

If the computer is still under warranty, then you need to confirm with
Dell that the drive is a user-serviceable part and that you're not going
to void your warranty.  Otherwise, you'll need to take it to Dell or an
authorized service center.


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