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Re: Iceweasel updates

On Mon 02 Nov 2015 at 15:10:55 +0200, Alex Moonshine wrote:

> Not really a solution to OPs problem, but I've decided that it's much
> easier to just use a stand-alone precompiled Firefox downloaded from
> Mozilla website, which happily updates itself. Debian's update policy
> for Iceweasel is far from ideal or comprehensive, using third-party
> repositories is bothersome, additionally, my bank's website simply
> refuses to work with any version of Iceweasel, apparently, because the
> userstring doesn't contain anything it looks for
> (Chrome/Firefox/IE/Safari), which is of course stupid in it's own
> right.

It takes a minute or two to download and change the user-agent string
with xul-ext-useragentswitcher.

We've had "lazy" and "stupid" for this behaviour of admins; could we add

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