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Re: Debian on Dlink DNS-320


On 28/09/2015 7:32 PM, Alexandre GRIVEAUX wrote:
> I want to install debian on DNS-320, i can start debian installer but at
> the end i'm stuck at installing the kernel.
> I'm missing a partition scheme, i guess the file system is on sda(sata
> or usb) and the kernel on nand but the last is not show on screen.
> This Dlink DNS-320 having a broken firmware (unable to upgrade from 
> dlink or debian).
> If you have a working Debian on Dlink DNS-320 with denx uboot please
> send me the printenv values.

IIRC, Debian won't work on these older devices any longer; there was
something in release notes about it.  I could be wrong though, not about
to search out the reference.

The problem, from memory, was that the installation needed more space
than which is available on that very old device.

I was running funplug on some old DNS-343 units, actually one is still
running; but I haven't done any update for a long time on it.

Kind Regards

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