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Re: Can't Log in


I like the idea of changing the display manager.  I chose LXDE for sufficient functionality and light weight and because I have read the Gnome did not support remote desktop in jessie or stretch.  

Do you have a suggestion for choices?  Maybe it doesn't matter, I can always change.  That would seem to mean:
Start up a new dm,
delete LXDE,
install a new instance of LXDE

OK, I  logged into the user account with shell.  Instead of installing another dm, I used apt-get to remove and then autoremove LXDE in the shell.  After rebooting, I still could not graphically log in.

Logging on as root, I added myself in two user accounts with sudo rights.  Both of these can login graphically.  

So the simptoms are gone.  But I don't knnow how setup remote desktop, as that is where I broke my logon.

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