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Re: can I access SD card in cell phone?

On Fri, 25 Sep 2015 14:47:31 -0700
Li Wei <rootof3@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hello Li,

>Bus 001 Device 004: ID 04e8:6860 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd GT-I9100
>Phone [Galaxy S II], GT-P7500 [Galaxy Tab 10.1]

So, it detects the 'phone.  That good.  Of you're lucky, it'll be
possible to mount it.  However, taking note of what others have written,
you may have to do some reading first.

We're rapidly approaching the limits of my understanding of this area.
When I had problems with my (previous) 'phone, I ended up buying a cheap
USB BlueTooth dongle, and using that to get a connection.  If the worst
comes to the worst, perhaps that's an option you could explore.

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